Position: Senior Designer

In support and in honor of Manny Pacquiao's role in the most lucrative match in the history of boxing, Wieden + Kennedy created a line that summed up Manny's lifetime of accomplishment: "DO WHAT THEY SAY YOU CAN'T." Much like his unparalleled rise from homeless teenager to congressman, and unknown challenger to becoming the face of the sport in his country and around the world, we wanted the spirit of this line to stir emotion.

The team at Wieden created a multi-faceted campaign visible in the week leading up to the fight that included a 15,000 square foot billboard across the Tropicana Hotel, a full-size, interactive boxing ring in honor of Manny's record 8 titles in 8 weight divisions, an animated execution for Nike's W 34th billboard, a push and countless activations across Manila, Philippines. 

Over the week leading up to the fight the campaign began popping up across social media, on shirts, walls, posters, bridges, and buses. This exciting idea grew into a massive push behind one of the most beloved athletes today, and showed what this fight meant to so many across the globe.