Shed a little Blood

Position: Designer/Son

For this year’s Design Week Portland, Wieden+Kennedy's amazing Studio created a pop-up shop all about the creative process: W+K Goodness Workroom.

My idea was a hand-painted sign of a quote from my sign-painter pop: "You have to shed a little blood to make anything great." With his help, and a few late nights in the studio, we hand painted a 4 foot section reading "Shed a Little Blood" in a mixture of sharp block letters, and sign-painter script. I designed the piece on paper, in illustrator, and then finally hand-painted on the section of wall.


“Process is the adventure, the journey into uncharted territory. Best-laid plans aside, for most designers the end result of any project rarely bares much resemblance to the original concept. Of course everyone focuses on the final result, but for designers process is the journey that is equal parts comedy and tragedy, rife with success and, of course, plenty of failure.